Ura-Hamra method

What is the back hamula method?

The back hamula procedure is one of the cosmetic surgery procedures performed to improve dark circles and sagging under the eyes. Dark circles and sagging under the eyes are caused by the protrusion of orbital fat, the fat that supports the eyeball, forward. The back hamula procedure moves and reshapes this orbital fat, simultaneously improving the puffiness and hollows under the eyes and flattening them.

Specifically, the procedure is approached from the medial (transconjunctival) side of the lower eyelid, removing the fat that causes sagging under the eyes and repositioning it in the hollow area. This flattens the under-eye irregularities, and a natural and natural-looking result can be expected.

List of concerns

  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • I want to eliminate puffiness under my eyes.
  • Those who look tired even when wearing makeup.
  • I don't want to leave a scar on the front.

Characteristics of the back hamula method

Because this technique repositions fat without cutting it out, it greatly reduces the risk of recurrence of sagging and dark circles. In addition, because the incision is made on the back of the eyelid, no scar is left on the surface, making this an "undetectable" anti-aging treatment that is attracting attention.

In addition, for those who do not have tear troughs, the repositioning of orbital fat can result in a well-defined tear trough. Unlike fat injections or hyaluronic acid injections, there is no concern that they will not settle, so long-term results can be expected.

However, if there is sagging skin, this surgery will not remove that sagging skin. This has the advantage of less internal bleeding and shorter downtime.

Thus, the back hamula procedure is one of the most popular and effective surgical procedures for comprehensively improving dark circles, sagging, and depressions under the eyes, with natural-looking results.

(data) item Details
Treatment Time Approx. 1 hour
anesthesia local anesthesia
internal hemorrhage Internal bleeding may occur depending on the individual.
contact Possible after one week
Shower and hair washing Possible from the same day
make Possible immediately after the treatment
drinking alcohol (sake) After the swelling subsides.
swelling Swelling peaks a few days immediately after and settles down in about a week (*Swelling may be a concern during this time).
risk Swelling, internal bleeding, left-right difference, infection, subconjunctival hemorrhage, contracture, retroversion, worsening of surface wrinkles, residual color dark circles, outward and inward turning of the lower eyelid, etc.


What is the difference from the back hamula method?

The incisional hamula and back hamula methods each have their own characteristics and advantages.

Advantages of the incisional hamula method

  • Improvement of sagging and wrinkles due to aging in the 30's to 60's
  • Puffiness caused by fat under the eyes and concavity and sagging can be improved at the same time
  • Dark circles can be improved without removing fat.

Advantages of the back hamula method

  • Recommended for those who want to change their impression, such as those in their 20s to 50s.
  • No scars are left on the skin surface because the approach is made from the backside.
  • Puffiness and concavity caused by fat under the eyes can be improved at the same time
  • Dark circles can be improved without removing fat.

In general, the incisional hamula technique is suitable for older age groups and improves fat, depressions, and sagging skin under the eyes at the same time. On the other hand, the back hamula procedure is suitable for younger patients and improves the under-eye fat and depressions without leaving scars on the skin surface.

Both can be improved without removing fat, but the back hamula method has the additional advantage of leaving no scar and low risk of complications. However, if there is excess skin due to aging, the incisional hamula is a sure bet. Other factors such as surgery time and downtime also vary, so it is important to choose the best method for your individual needs.

Schedule of Charges

Ura-Hamra method
500,000 yen including tax

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