Commitment to Realizing Cosmetic Medicine without Lies

Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure
100% safe medicine does not exist.

At Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, the doctors who perform the procedures have many years of experience in plastic surgery, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery at university hospitals, but above all, our motto is that "beauty is based on physical and mental health. For this reason, all of our doctors consider "safety" to be of the utmost importance, and even as medical advances are made and new techniques are introduced, we do not neglect to confirm the safety of our procedures based on medical evidence.

Before any procedure, we always recommend that patients not undergo any surgery that improves the form without regard to function or that may result in disability or risk in the future.

Counseling is conducted strictly by nurses and counselors under the direction of the physician, and ultimately the physician will also participate in the counseling process. In order to realize each patient's individual needs, it is necessary to have a consistent treatment plan from start to finish. In order to avoid any discrepancy in direction, the physician is also in charge of counseling, and all staff members involved in the treatment of the patient are committed to the same treatment policy.

To respond to each person's "I want to be beautiful,
Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic will do its best.

Aesthetic medicine is evolving day by day. In order to keep up with these changes, I believe it is necessary for us to make efforts to learn every day in our treatment. In order for our patients to undergo treatment with peace of mind, it is also necessary for us to select the best treatment for them based on our own experiences.

For this reason, I always try to learn by actively studying at various academic societies and research groups, and by obtaining information from overseas. In our daily contact with patients, we propose treatments while taking into account the background and feelings of the patient, which is the service of cosmetic medicine. All of our doctors are working hard to understand the patient's point of view and to make the best proposals possible.

At Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, we are committed to responding to each individual's wishes in as natural a manner as possible, helping to bring out the beauty that is uniquely theirs.