G mesh

What is G-mesh treatment?

G-mesh is a new cosmetic treatment to increase the volume of the nose and chin, using special mesh-like threads made of polycaprolactone (PCL) material that is naturally absorbed by the body.

This procedure involves the insertion of specially shaped, flexible threads into the nasal bridge to provide a natural and beautiful height. Inspired by the protective netting of fruit, the threads lift the low nose into a more nasal shape.

It is characterized by minimal swelling and pain, no scarring, and long-lasting results. G-mesh is highly regarded for its safety and durability.

Recommended for

  • Those who want to raise their nose without noticeable downtime.
  • For those who want a clean, clear nose.
  • Those who want to achieve natural beauty.
  • I'm still not sure which treatment is right for me.

Features of G-mesh

Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a highly regarded material in the medical field and is FDA and CE approved.

This is notable for its longevity, as it promotes tissue formation in the area where it is inserted and is naturally absorbed by the body in approximately two years.

After the G-mesh is inserted, additional injections of hyaluronic acid serve as long-term immobilized hyaluronic acid and prolong its effect.

Treatment Time About 10~20 minutes
anesthesia local anesthesia
Swelling and pain The procedure does not use a scalpel and uses a special needle, so there is little swelling or pain.
Passing goods and hospitalization Day treatment
cicatrix There may be some redness as needle marks, but it is not bothersome as the scars disappear quickly.
Duration About 2 years or so
Makeup, face wash, etc. Possible from the day
everyday life Since there is no incision, no scarring, and very little downtime, patients can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.


Risks and Side Effects

Several risks and side effects exist with the G-mesh procedure.

First, swelling, pain, and flushing may occur at the insertion site. Most of these symptoms are mild and recovery is expected to be short-lived, but symptoms may be prolonged in some individuals.

In addition, there is a risk of infection because of the needle insertion. To prevent this, proper aftercare is necessary after the procedure. It is especially important to keep the insertion site clean immediately after the procedure and to follow the doctor's instructions.

In addition, allergic reactions to polycaprolactone (PCL) materials or hyaluronic acid may occur. It is important to inform your doctor of your history of allergies and past treatments prior to the procedure and receive appropriate advice.


Schedule of Charges

G mesh
66,000 yen including tax
G mesh 2nd run~.
44,000 yen including tax

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