About Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic

Creating a calm environment

At Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, we do not do unnecessary treatments and do not recommend any unnecessary ones such as upselling. We only suggest treatments that are medically proven. We believe that no one's skin is a perfect match for another person, and that what works for that person is what will bring them closer to their "true" beauty.

In addition, equipment is constantly inspected and cleaned for cleanliness. Items that actually come in contact with the patient's body are subjected to multiple checks. We have created a relaxing environment for patients to receive treatment, including a waiting room that takes privacy into consideration.

At Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, we will do our best to make your stay more comfortable. We are committed to providing a comfortable space for you to relax. You can relax and enjoy the time until your treatment.

Accommodation provision service is now available.

In order to meet the needs of our many patients, we are offering "Accommodation Service" for patients who come from distant places such as rural areas and those who wish to undergo major surgery.

Medical treatment involves risks and the possibility of developing side effects.
Patients coming from far away may have a lot of anxiety, especially on the day of surgery.

In order to be able to respond instantly to such anxieties and contingencies, we have prepared accommodations near our hospital and are ready to respond in case of an emergency on the day of surgery.