Message from Director Yuya Kawano

To realize cosmetic medicine without lies
We want to be a clinic where we can aim to be "the only one" for the people we meet.

It takes courage for anyone to start out. Many patients have experienced this at one time or another, such as a not-so-good impression at a clinic they have attended. Also, there are many voices that are complicated and not well understood. There are many concerns about the results and side effects of treatment, whether the fees are reasonable, the atmosphere of the clinic, whether the procedure is suitable for you, and so on.

Aladdin lied at first, saying he was a prince,
But Jasmine was not looking for a prince, she was looking for Aladdin "as he is.
In other words, there is no need to lie or pretend.

The same is true of cosmetic medicine.

Individual differences and results from false showings never make anyone happy.
In order to realize cosmetic medicine without lies, we want each and every one of you to experience cosmetic medicine as it really is, with the best treatment for you, so that you can become "one and only one".

Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic was established to seriously address the concerns and anxieties that you may have, and to aim for "only one" cosmetic treatment for everyone we meet. We do not simply provide mechanical treatments, but rather place the utmost importance on building a relationship of trust with our patients, so that each and every one of them can achieve a beauty that they can be satisfied with and that will keep them smiling day after day.

Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic is sincerely committed to everyone we encounter. We have visited many patients with our case histories cultivated over the years, and we have proposed treatments tailored to each individual's needs. We also focus on cosmetic dermatology such as anti-aging care.


Director Yuya Kawano



After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at National Kumamoto University, he began his career as a dermatoplastic reconstructive surgeon at Kumamoto University Hospital. He gained a lot of experience, from large surgeries performed under general anesthesia to detailed surgeries using a special microscope called microsurgery, and conducted research on skin aging care in graduate school, earning a Ph.
She has a lot of experience in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and injection therapy at a major cosmetic surgery clinic, and also worked as the director of Hanafusa Dermatology, which specializes in dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. She is also active as a medical advisor.

2015 Department of Dermatoplasty and Reconstruction, Kumamoto University Hospital
2018 Director, Hanafusa Dermatology Kugayama Clinic
2019 Major Cosmetic Surgery, Shinjuku Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
2020 Ph.
2020 Appointed Deputy Director of Lula Aesthetic Clinic
2021 Appointed Director of Lula Aesthetic Clinic Takadanobaba
2022 Appointed Director of Lula Aesthetic Clinic Tokyo Ekimae Clinic
2022 Director of Lula Aesthetic Clinic Shinjuku, Director
2023 Opening of Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic

Affiliations / Certifications / Licenses ]
Doctor of Medicine
Member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAS)
Member of the Japanese Dermatological Association
Palliative care workshop for physicians involved in cancer treatment