Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best surgery for a bulbous nose?

There are several treatment options available, such as rhinoplasty to add height to the nasal apex, rhinoplasty, and septal extension. Depending on the patient's ideal nose, different treatments may be suitable for different patients, or a combination of treatments may be used.

Is it safe to do pore esthetics or nose skin care after nose surgery?

Depending on the nature of the surgery, there is a possibility that the injected hyaluronic acid may lose its shape or the silicon prosthesis may become distorted or misaligned, so please refrain from applying strong stimulation until a re-examination at a later date after the surgery confirms that the prosthesis has settled.

Is there a possibility of collapse from nose reshaping?

With today's technology, it is almost impossible for the patient to change or misshape the prosthesis during a normal life. It takes about one month for the implant to be firmly fixed, but after that, it is fixed naturally and firmly.

How long is the surgery for a double-plasty incision?

The surgery itself takes about 30 minutes. After that, please note that you will be in the hospital for about an hour to check for swelling and internal bleeding.

I want to make my eyes look fuller. Can I make my eyes bigger with a craniotomy?

An incision is made at the inner corner of the eye, where the skin called "mongolian folds" overlap, causing the eyes to appear smaller or farther apart. The effect of the craniotomy treatment varies depending on the degree of overlap of the Mongolian folds, so we would like to have you come for a consultation to confirm the condition of your eyes.

Is double implantation bad for the eyes?

You may feel some discomfort in your eyes immediately after the surgery, but it will not affect your vision. If you are a regular contact wearer, please bring eyeglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions