priority membership system

Special for you

Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic has introduced a unique priority membership system to provide special care to each of our clients.

We offer the best services and benefits according to your wishes and needs to enrich your beauty experience.

Membership Overview

Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic is committed to providing the best possible beauty experience for each and every patient. We promise to help you become more beautiful in a relaxed environment through exclusive members-only privileges.

Diamond Membership

As a Diamond member, the highest level of membership, you will receive priority access to medical appointments before they are open to the public. In addition to this special appointment system, you will receive the following unique benefits when you choose a procedure that costs more than 800,000 yen per year.

  • Membership Requirements
    Platinum members who receive more than 800,000 yen of treatment per year.
  • condition of continuance
    . 800,000 yen or more per year for treatment.
  • benefit
    (1) Reservations can be made with highest priority
    (2) Treatment in a dedicated VIP room
    3) Zero waiting time
    ④Diamond members-only treatment benefits

Platinum Member

Platinum membership is a sign that you are deeply committed to our clinic's services. Through annual treatments of more than 200,000 yen, you will enjoy the following benefits

  • Membership requirements (*all of the following must be met)
    (1) Refer 2 Premium Members for 1 year
    (2) Those who will receive more than 200,000 yen of treatment for a year.
  • condition of continuance
    ・You can receive more than 200,000 yen of treatment per year.
  • benefit
    Exclusive treatment benefits for Platinum members

Premium Member

As a Premium Member, you will receive membership privileges for cosmetic dermatology procedures of 100,000 yen or more, or for operations of 200,000 yen or more. Premium members also receive the following benefits

  • Membership requirements (*You must meet one of the following)
    (1) Those who undergo cosmetic dermatology and injections of 100,000 yen or more in a single visit.
    (2) Those who receive more than 200,000 yen for an operation in one visit.
  • benefit
    Exclusive treatment benefits for Premium members

The clinic ensures quality services and personalized care in order to implement a more comfortable environment for our members.

If you would like a more familiar and personalized treatment, please contact us as soon as possible through our official LINE account.