Flow from appointment to treatment

Welcome to Aladdin Cosmetic Clinic

At Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, we will do our best to make your stay more comfortable.

First, please confirm what you need to bring on the day of your treatment.
First-time visitors are required to present identification.

If you are thinking of paying with a loan
Identification (one of the following) is required.
Driver's license (with matching current address)
Health Insurance Card
Juki card


[Foreign nationals
Resident Card
Certificate of Eligibility
Alien Registration Card
One of the following

Also, please refer to the following flow of medical treatment.
*This hospital'sPrivacy PolicyPlease also check
*This hospital's特定商取引法に基づく表記にてお支払い方法等記載しております。


Important Notice for Minors


This is an important notice, so we ask that you please read it carefully.

1. minors (unmarried)
To receive counseling and treatment, a parent or guardian must accompany the patient and give written consent.

2. minor (married)
Written consent and phone confirmation from a parent or spouse is required to receive counseling and treatment.
*If the spouse is also a minor, written consent and telephone confirmation from a parent or guardian are required.

3. 18 or 19 years old
A parent or guardian's written consent is required to receive counseling and treatment.
*High school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*If you are 18 years of age or older and have graduated from high school, you do not need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, only a consent form.
*Even if you have already graduated from high school, you will be treated as a high school student until the end of the school year (March 31).

Please download the "Minor Consent Form" from here, print out the consent form and fill it out in person.

Download:Minor Consent Form."

*Please note that computer or word processing entries will not be accepted.
*Please use a ballpoint pen or sign pen to fill out the form (pencils and erasable ballpoint pens are not acceptable).
*Please note that if the consent form is incomplete, you may not be able to receive the treatment.
*This hospital'sPrivacy Policyfor more information.


We are by appointment only, so that we have enough time for you. If you are late, we may not be able to provide you with the treatment you need.

When you arrive at Aladdin Aesthetic Clinic, please inform the receptionist that you have an appointment. Our staff will politely guide you through the process.

You will first be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire, which can be completed online in advance of your appointment.

Even for those who wish to undergo injection treatment, we will carefully examine the current state of the skin during the initial consultation.

Based on the medical questionnaire, the doctor and counselor will listen to the patient's concerns and provide counseling. We will make a proposal based on your current concerns, your ideals, and your budget.

We will take a picture of your face at the first session in order to understand the current condition of your face and to explain the appropriate treatment. All photos and information will be kept in a secure system with a high level of security lock.

You will be guided to the room where the treatment will be performed according to the treatment details.

Once treatment is complete, downtime will vary depending on the type of treatment. We will choose a treatment based on your needs, but be sure to check with your doctor about your care after the procedure.

Depending on the treatment, the timing of your next visit, including aftercare, may vary. Our staff will explain any unusual circumstances. An appointment is required for your next visit.

If you experience any discomfort, even minor discomfort such as redness or discomfort, please contact us by phone or line, even if you are not coming to the clinic. We will contact you with the highest priority for aftercare and medical appointments.